Wrestling legend Brett Hart is never at a loss for words but does carry fine points when he weighs in. He carries a colorful resume in the world of wrestling entertainment, including one of the rare wrestlers ever to hold most major titles the WWE has to offer.At 59, Hart has been through a lot. He has been in the business to know the do’s and dont's, specifically his safety and his opponents. Speaking to the Wrestling Oberver, he narrated the things that a WWE star has to do, ranging from memorizing scripts and timely execution of dialogue.All that aside, Hart also had his share of the physical nature tied up to wrestling entertainment.

And given his long tenure, Hart can easily spot the promising stars and the ones who are a bit careless.

Cody Rhodes is new “Excellence of Execution”

In the interview, he gave his opinion on two stars – Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. Rhodes is no longer with the WWE but Hart considers him someone who he can consider under the category of “Excellence of Execution," something he is best known for.His reason for such is because Rhodes is safe and perfect when he performs. Safety comes first and thus far, Rhodes has been the person who Hart believes typifies that.

Seth Rollins reckless?

On the other side, Hart is aware of the (mega) push that Seth Rollins is getting. Rollins is far off from where Rhodes is right now but Hart pointed out several instances that prove his call.One of them is that celebrated knee that Rollins planted on John Cena.

That resulted in a broken nose that almost took Cena out of action. Cena was able to weather that one but as the WWE preaches, the injuries are for real.

Aside from that, there is the match that Rollins had with Steve Borden aka Sting. Everyone witnessed that match which the former WCW champion managed to finish.

The match took place at the 2015 edition of WWE Night of Champions.Unintentional as it was, it does support Hart's critique on Rollins. Moving forward, it will be interesting if Rollins takes Hart's input seriously. He did endure an injury in the process so "The Architect" may want to work on his skills for his and his co-wrestler's well-being.

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