The Baltimore Ravens have the most unclear situation at running back of any NFL team. There are three players vying for the starting job in Baltimore, and all have equal opportunities to earn the role. Justin Forsett, Kenneth Dixon, and Buck Allen will all try to prove themselves worthy in training camp and preseason games.

Justin Forsett

It's hard to believe that Justin Forsett has lost his grasp on the starting running back job so quickly. Forsett played just 10 games last year before a broken right armwould sideline him for the rest of the season. In that time, Forsett managed to compile just 641 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

Those numbers are pretty weak, even if Forsett played in only10 games. But Forsett still has a lead in the battle, according to head coach John Harbaugh.

The 30-year-old running back had an awesome year in 2014, rushing for more than 1200 yards and compiling 8 touchdowns. If Forsett truly is back to that form, there will be no competition at running back. But 30 year old running backs often see a decline in value as time progresses, and Forsett's case is probably no exception.

Kenneth Dixon

The Ravens originally addressed their weak running back position by selecting Kenneth Dixon in the fourth round.

The likely successor to Forsett was drafted for his speed, youth, and pass catching ability. Dixon ran for more than 1000 yards in 3 of his 4 years at Louisana Tech and scored an NCAA record 87 all purpose touchdowns. Those statistics are making him worthy of a late round fantasy pick this year, just in case he steals the job from Forsett at one point.

And I haven't even mentioned his receiving skills yet. Forsett has the ability to catch passes out of the backfield, but he doesn't have the shiftiness that Dixon enjoys. In his last two seasons at Louisana Tech, Dixon had more than 60 receptions and scored a combined 13 touchdowns on them. The one disadvantage that Dixon faces is a lack of experience.

Dixon will therefore be hurt by his lack of pass blocking ability.Still, it's hard to believe that Dixon won't challenge Forsett for the starting running back job.

Buck Allen

The dark horse in this competition is running back Buck Allen. He was the full time replacement for Justin Forsett last season and tried to make the most of his opportunity. By the end of the season, Allen had 514 yards and 3 all purpose touchdowns. A majority of that production came in the 6 games that he played as a starter. Allen looked most promising against Miami, when he had 107 yards on just 12 carries. It's hard to see Buck Allen as more than a backup, but he will be given a chance to shine in preseason games.

Who wins?

Right now, Justin Forsett has the backing of his head coach and the lead in the running back battle. But in the NFL, things can change quickly. Ibet Forsett begins the year as the starter and Dixon plays the role of third down pass catching back. Ravens fans will just have to wait until the preseason is over to see who will eventually win the starting job.

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