The US men's basketball team was the first to participate in a rout, defeating China by 57 points in their debut. Now the US women's basketball team has joined in on the fun with a 65 point rout of opposing Senegal. Senegal never had a chance and was losing by a huge number of points early. The United States team hit ten threes in the game and scored a whopping 121 points. In the destruction, the women's team managed to break several records.

Record-breaking performance

The US women posted the best margin of victory ever when they defeated Senegal by 65 points. That's an absurdly dominant performance and it's even better than the men's huge margin of victory against China.

I'm sure the US women will try to rub it in and hold it over the head of their US counterparts. The US women also broke the scoring record by putting up 121 points in the game. That's a lot of points in just 10 four minute quarters. That number of points also exceeds the number that the men put up, which gives the women yet another accomplishment to brag about it.

Players responsible

The player most responsible for the rout is probably star Diana Taurasi, who poured in five threes during the game. She tied her own record for threes in the game, adding to the laundry list of records that the US women had already broken. But that doesn't mean there weren't other contributors. Maya Moore was also solid in her second Olympic appearance, but did not need to play for the last ten minutes thanks to the blowout.

Looking ahead

The women's team has to be excited about their unbelievable start to the 2016 Olympics. The team looked crisp and solid in their victory and should be poised to take the whole tournament. The team will play again on August 8th against Spain, at 11 A.M. Their next game will come on Wednesday against Serbia.

To win group B, which has a total of 6 teams, the women will need to continue to play at their best. But even if they don't win, the top 4 teams from the preliminary round groups will advance to the playoffs. Vegas definitely expects the US women to pull through, who are listed as heavy favorites in every book.

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