The Olympicsare all fun and games until someone gets caught right in the middle of a doping scandal. On Sunday night, American swimmer lilly king posted the fastest time in the women's 100m breaststroke semi-finals, and with that she had a few words to sayabout Russian swimmerYuliya Efimova.

Lilly King wags finger at Yuliya Efimova's victory

Efimova was cleared to compete in Rio just a day after her appeal against a doping ban was won. She had previously tested twice for banned substances.After Efimova took first place in the first semi-final, she held her index finger up, signaling she was "No.

1," but King wasn't having it. As King was watching the race on TV, preparing for the next semi-final, she could be seen mockingly waving her finger back at her.

What was the message behind Lilly King's finger wag?

King dominated in her semi-final, and had some words for Efimova in her post-race interview.

"You wave your finger 'Number 1' and you've been caught drug cheating. I'm not a fan," King told NBC.

King isn't the only who isn't a fan of the 24 year-old Russian swimmer.Boos could be heard throughout the Olympic Aquatics Stadium before swimming in her semi-final. There have also been plenty of viewers, and Olympic commentators, speaking out about how they don't agree with the IOC's decision to allow Efimova to compete.

The Internet praises Lilly Kingin all her glory

Immediately, the Internet took King's words, and finger wag, and praised her.It's not often that viewers see Olympic athletes speak so openly against their opponents, so King's words have definitely become widespread.

Tons of Internet users were mostly praising her for saying what everyone else was thinking. Of course, most of the viewers praising her are American.

TheWomen's 100m Breaststroke finals will air on NBC on August 8 at 8 PM EST. Efimova and King will be competing against Alia Atkinson (Jamaica), Shi Jinglin (China), Hrafnhildur Lúthersdóttir (Iceland), Katie Meili (USA), Rūta Meilutytė (Lithuania), and Rachel Nicol (Canada).

One thing is for sure, these finals aredefinitely going to be an exciting one to watch, with finger wags expected.

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