At UFC 201, Tyron Woodley finally got his shot at the strap, and he capitalized, leaving former champion and fan favorite Robbie Lawler slumped on the canvass. His knockout came after two minutes and twelve seconds in the first round, following a crippling right hand and face-crushing head shots as Lawler laid unconscious against the cage. Now, Woodley wants to solidify his reign by facing the top contenders in his division, right? Wrong. The newly crowned champion isn't interested in fighting Stephen Thompson, Rory McDonald, or Carlos Condit. He's interested in money fights. Who does he have in mind?

Well, that's where things get interesting.

"Georges St-Pierre is the No. 1 welterweight in my eyes. If I'm an athlete in this sport, in this division and I want to say I'm the best in the world, I feel like I should compete against those guys. So I don't feel any obligation to go by the rankings. We all know how those rankings are produced anyway. And I want to go out there and I want to fight the money fights," Woodley said after his fight with Lawler.

Tyron Woodley wants to fight Georges St-Pierre, a man who many consider to be the greatest welterweight of all-time. One big complication in Woodley's plan is GSP's current status within the UFC. He's retired. St-Pierre hasn't been inside of the octagon for nearly three years.

His last fight was in November of 2013 at UFC 167, a fight that he won by split decision against Johny Hendricks.

What did the three-time fighter of the year have to say to the eager new title holder? He simply said, "Yes," when he was asked whether or not he was considering taking Woodley up on his offer by MMA Fighting.

Fight fans all over the world are clamoring about GSP's potential return, but there are a few fighters that aren't thrilled that the champ is attempting to pass them over, namely Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson. The current number one contender said this after hearing of Woodley's plans: "He wants that money fight, but I think I’m going to be making more money when I put this foot upside his head.

I’m just telling you. It’s going to happen. This is my division, baby. That’s it."

With an unproven champion trying to call the shots, an offended contenders list, and a retired legend itching to get back in the game, the UFC welterweight division just got a little more interesting. Who do you want to see Woodley fight in his first title defense? Let me know in the comments section below.

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