Marquise Goodwin got injured for what must seem like the umpteenth time for Bills fans. Today, Goodwin suffered a probable concussion after landing on his head during practice. Bills fans who noticed the injury seem to be tired of waiting for a wide receiver who can't stay on the field and had some harsh words for the Buffalo Bills wide receiver.

Mean Tweets

Bills fans are understandably frustrated. Sixteen consecutive years of missing the playoffs will do that to a NFL fanbase. At this point, Bills fans lack the patience necessary to deal with Marquise Goodwin'sincessant injuries. He didn't even get hit on the play and still managed to suffer a serious injury.

But the Tweets didn't end there. Reporters and Bills fans both expressed their frustration with Goodwin's propensity for hurting himself.

And Bills fanswere extremely unhappy after theinjury.

Some fans even called for the release of the talented youngspeedster.

At least there were some Bills fans out there willing to sympathize with Goodwin's misfortune.

Goodwin's future

At this point, the Bills have a decision to make. Marquise Goodwin has had an excellent training camp and is one of the fastest wide receivers in the league.

Unfortunately, that means nothing if Goodwin fails to remain on the field for a majority of the year. In 2014, Goodwin was so hampered by injuries that he managed to only catch 1 pass for 42 receiving yards. In 2015, he caught only two passes for 24 receiving yards.

It's hard to understand why the Bills would be willing to keep a player who hasn't made a serious impact for his entire career.

He's improved mightily in training camp, but injuries continue to derail his career. If the Bills keep him, they will make a risky move with a roster spot that could have been given to a wide receiver with no track record of injuries.

Goodwin's Preseason performance

Marquise Goodwin's excellent training camp hasn't exactly turned into an awesome preseason campaign. Goodwin has just 3 catches for 36 receiving yards in two games, weak statistics for a wide receiver who got the start thanks to a Sammy Watkins injury. This injury could keep Goodwin out for another week, further limiting his ability to show the Bills what he can do at wide receiver. And the deep threat hasn't caught a single long pass yet, a bad sign for someone who is known for his speed.

If the Bills keep Goodwin, they are desperately hoping that he can contribute without getting hurt again.

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