Mark Sanchez opened up the game for the Broncos with a drive in which he went 7 for 8 for 83 yards and a touchdown. He capped off the drive with an impressive 32-yard bomb to star wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. That put Trevor Siemian, who is competing for the starting job, in a difficult position. He answered the call and was solid in his first NFL preseason game.

Good Throws and Solid Drives.

Trevor Siemian opened his preseason with three straight completions to Cody Latimer. Latimer was Siemian's favorite target and caught five balls for 55-yards. The drive would later stall, but not before the Broncos came away with a made field goal.

The Broncos would also score another field goal on a Trevor Siemian led drive that was hurt by several penalties. In any case, most people were impressed with the poise of a 7th round quarterback playing in his first ever pre-season game.

And the statistics are proof of what the eyes already confirmed during the game.


Trevor Siemian completed 7of his 12 passes for a total of 88 passing yards. He didn't pass for a touchdown, but came extremely close on several plays in the red zone. Siemian, who is known for his rushing ability, also scrambled for about 15 yards.

Unfortunately, that play will not appear on the stat sheet because of a silly penalty commited by the Broncos offense. That scrambling ability adds another dimension to a quarterback who has a real chance to become the Broncos starter in 2016.

Who Will Win the Quarterback Competition?

The Broncos quarterback competition will probably continue for the entire preseason.

Right now, both Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemianhave a lead over Paxton Lynch.

It looks like Trevor Siemian is tied with Sanchez at the moment, but that can quickly change if he continues to perform at a high level in the preseason. The next question is whether or not Trevor Siemian will get the start in the second preseason game.

If it truly is an equal competition, Siemian should get at least one chance to play with the Broncos starters on offense.

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