Tony Romo was the starting quarterback January 6, 2007 when the Dallas Cowboys went to Seattle to play the Seahawks in a NFL Wild-Card Playoff game. The Cowboys would end up losing that game 21-20 when Romo was playing holder on the kicking team and let a wet Football slip thru his hands on an extra point try. That was the beginning of the Romo Curse?

Romo had unseated veteran quarterback Drew Bledsoe for the starting position in game six that season and led the Cowboys to the playoff game. At the time critics and Bledsoe himself had voice opposition to the decision Hall of Fame Head Coach Bill Parcells had made, but Romo brought excitement to the Cowboys offense proving the naysayers wrong.

The Seattle Curse

The rain that night in Seattle was on again off again and the stadium crew did the best they could to keep dry balls in play. When the Cowboys drove for what would have been the tying touchdown, Romo was at the center of it. The stadium crew whether on purpose or by accident, put a wet ball into play on the extra point try. Romo let the ball slip through his hands, but picked it up and sprinted for the left corner of the Seattle end zone running for the potential game winning two point conversion.

A Seattle player ran Romo down from behind wrapping up his legs and stopping him a half yard short of the end zone. The Cowboys lost the game, Romo sat on the field with his head hung just staring at the ground.

Bill Parcells announced his retirement after the game and had little to say about the botched extra point play, instead giving credit to Seattle for making a play when they needed to.

Bones brittle?

Romo’s career has been filled with almost minutes. Very close has never been enough, but it has often been very close.

Dez Bryant caught or did not catch the ball in the divisional playoff game in Green Bay in 2014 depending on who you ask. Nevertheless Romo did good, but not great.

Injuries to his back and collarbone have plagued the last two seasons, and have already started this season. Estimates on the recent broken bone in Romo’s back are anywhere from day to day to 6 to 10 weeks depending on who you listen to.

We very well may be watching Tony Romo’s career coming to a close because his body just cannot stand up to the physical nature of the NFL.

Enter Dak Prescott

While ever optimistic the Cowboys are in better shape this year than last with rookie quarterback Dak Prescott filling in for Romo while he is out of action. The Romo Curse started that night in Seattle being rundown from behind, and possibly it ended in Seattle being rundown from behind on the play that broke the bone in Romo’s back.

Romo needs to put some serious thought into whether he will be able to have a meaningful life after football. These are not sticks and stones people are hitting Romo with, they are fine-tuned athletic men, and they will break your bones.

if you are going to play in the NFL, you will get injured. Having been a long time Romo fan I hope he chooses health over football.

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