For many an underutilized WWE Superstar, TNA has proven to be the big break they were looking for. It happened when Derrick Bateman became Ethan Carter III (a.k.a. "EC3"), TNA owner Dixie Carter’s storyline nephew. Months later, Drew McIntyre lived up to his potential as he wrestled under his real name, Drew Galloway, while the WWE wrestler formerly known as Brodus Clay carved a bigger niche as Tyrus.

Now it looks like we may be seeing another case of WWE’s “garbage” becoming TNA’s “gold,” as the wrestler once known as Damien Sandow is expected to debut on Impact Wrestling on Thursday night.

The clues are all there ahead of the debut

Although TNA has hyped the latest addition to its roster as a mystery signing, the company hasn’t been shy about dropping giveaway clues about the wrestler’s identity. In a promotional vignette hyping the signing, the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah plays in the background.

That was the theme music the wrestler born Aaron Steven Haddad used when he returned toWWE as Damien Sandow, the pompous “Intellectual Savior of the Masses.”

As it seems, Haddad won’t be using that name in TNA, though he will be using a modified version of his real name – Aron Stevens, which he now uses as his name on Twitter. (He had alsocompeted as Aaron Stevens, then as Idol Stevens in earlier WWE runs.) In a Twitter post earlier today, Stevens posted a link to a Rolling Stone article confirming the new TNA signing, adding the words “Time to make a #impact.”

Expect a major push for Stevens in TNA

If the impacts, no pun intended, of EC3, Galloway, and Tyrus in TNA are any indication, we could be looking at a big-time push for Aron Stevens if and when he makes his debut in the company.

As Damien Sandow in WWE, he had slipped precipitously down the card after a rare failed Money in the Bank cash-in attempt in late 2013, and never regained his previous upper mid card status, mostly losing matches as he worked an impersonator gimmick. (The “Mizdow” storyline with The Miz, however, did make him a big hit with fans.)

Stevens was part of WWE’s last batch of mass releases from the spring of 2016, a batch that also included Alex Riley, Cameron, and Wade Barrett.

He had also made appearancesfor U.K.-based WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (WCPW) after his release from WWE.

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