It looks like Tim Tebow will finally get another chance to resurrect a career that looked like it was over a few years ago. After football he has chosen to work on several broadcasting networks, but he was doing something else in secret as well. His baseball training has paid off and his workout landed him a contract with the Bridgeport Bluefish.


According to, the Bridgeport Bluefishhave offered Tim Tebow a major league contract.

The team plays in a league completely independent from the MLB but is still considered a "professional" baseball league.

And the Bluefish really want Tim Tebow to be on their roster for the 2016 season. They were so hopeful to have him on the roster that they even offered the following Tweet to him.

That's a pretty big gesture! And the managers of the team had plenty of high praise for the likeable NFL star. One manager wanted to "welcome Tebow to the team with open arms." Tim Tebow has to start somewhere, right? And this could be the perfect placefor himto develop into a star while further honing his baseball skills. Of course, the PR boost the team gets from signing Tim Tebow would be even more helpful.

The Tim Tebow Effect

Tebow has been a divisive figure in America ever since he somehow managed to help the Denver Broncos defeat the Steelers in the playoffs. Since then, the former quarterbackhas done pretty much nothing to garner any deserved attention. But he continues to be the focus of sports figures like Skip Bayless, who never seems to stop talking about Tebow.

And that was just the beginning. Tebow's performances in the regular season weren't enough to land him a starting job anywhere in the NFL.

His throws were so inaccurate that he was forced to switch positions just to stay in the league. But Skip Bayless supported him through it all and maintained that Tebow deserved another shot at greatness.

Future greatness?

Tim Tebow was impressive enough in his baseball workout to draw interest from the Bridgeport Bluefish. If he accepts a contract with the team, he would be given a further platform to show off the skills that he has been honing since he dropped out of the NFL. One day he might even earn a contract from a team in the MLB.

For now, Tebow is faced with the decision of either accepting or rejecting this contract.

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