Tim Tebow has formerly been associated with football, but not anymore. He played football for several seasons as well as being involved in some way in television. He is currently an ESPN broadcaster. Once he gave indications that he was considering going into politics, coaching and maybe returning to the NFL. However, there has been a new development.

Tim Tebow's new career

It might come as a surprise that the 28-year-old former NFL quarterback is changing sports. He is choosing baseball as his career. He has been training for baseball during the past year in Arizona and Los Angeles. While he is no stranger to baseball, he has not played it since he played the sport in 2005 while in high school.

He was quite good at it then, but now might be adifferent story. Tebow eventually wants to play the outfield for a professional baseball team. He is scheduled to have workouts later this month for about 30 Major League Baseball teams with hopes of onebeing a match.

Making the transition from football to baseball

It will not be hard for Tebow to make a smooth transition from football to baseball because some of the same characteristics he had for one sport will transfer over to the other sport. He will just be playing with a different ball with some different rules. His leadership ability, his athletic ability, his work ethic, his passion, and desire will carry him a long way in either sport. Tebow is a team player no matter whichever sporthe plays.

Officials with CAA Baseballwant everyone to know this is not a publicity stunt. Tebow's career from football into baseball is real. He has already notified his current employer, ESPN, of his desire to play baseball, and he plans to stay with the network.

Tim Tebow's future in baseball

Those connected with Tebow and know about his desire to change sports said he has a pretty good chance of joining a professional team.

Those who have seen him workout claim he is capable of making it to the majors rather quickly. They compliment him on his swing andhis athletic ability.What do you think about Tim Tebow's future in baseball? Do you think he will be successful as a baseball player?

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