The NFL has been going through a period where typical division champions are being overthrown and traditionally strong teams have losing records. In this strange time however, there are some teams that are standing out as the new era of strength and somehow they are congregating in certain divisions, especially in the NFC.

Strongest: NFC West

The NFC West is easily the strongest conference in the National Football League. Both the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks are in this division. For the last two years these two teams have dominated both the NFC West, but also the NFC as a whole. The Cardinals had a 13-3 record last year, coming in second play behind the Carolina Panthers, and the Seahawks had a better record than the NFC East champions, the Washington Redskins.

Two of these teams are sure to go to playoffs, which takes away a possible wild card spot from other teams. With the Cardinals or the Seahawks likely to take the wild card spot, other teams will have to work a lot harder to get into the playoffs if they don’t win their division.

Weakest: NFC East

The NFC East was the weakest division overall last year in the NFC. Only one team had a winning record, and that was the division champions the Washington Redskins and their record was 9-7. That 9-7 record was the worst for a division champions, and was also the worst of all the teams in the NFC Playoffs. While the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants are typically better teams, it has yet to be seen if they can improve from last year’s division wide poor performance.

If this had been 2014 this honor would have gone to the NFC South, but the performance of the NFC East is 2015 was just too poor to ignore.

In the Middle: NFC North and NFC South

Somehow the NFC South just avoided being the worst division for two years in a row. With the conference champions the Carolina Panthers coming from the NFC South, it would be hard to say this division is weak.

However the Panthers are the only saving grace of this league. The rest of the teams had poor performances in 2015, but they are looking to improve in the next year.

The NFC North hasboth the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions, but with the lions being a finicky team it would be irresponsible to call them the strongest, especially compared to the combined strength of the Seahawks and the Cardinals.

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