For the last seven years, the AFC East has been completely dominated by the New England Patriots. But with Tom Brady out for four games, it is entirely possible that another team could stand up and challenge the Patriots to win the AFC East. If there was a year for that long streak to end it would be this year.

This will be the year to test how reliant the Patriots are on Tom Brady’s talents. The Patriots have a strong lineup without Brady but is had been the key element of the constantly changing offensive lineup. It will be interesting to see if the new starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo can step up to the plate and hold off a potential four-game losing streak for the Patriots.

The Jets’ Chances

The New York Jets placed second in the AFC East last year, with a record of 10 wins and six losses, so they might be in the best position to topple the Patriots.

They don’t play the Patriots during Brady’s suspension, so they will have to fight both of their conference matches against a full force New England team, but if the Patriots to falter during Brady’s suspension, then the Jet’s will have a chance to take the AFC East away.

The Bills’ Chances

The Buffalo Bills had a worse record then the Jets’ had. However, they had a better conference record than the Jets. Which means if the situation comes down to a tie-breaker, the Bills might just be the ones to win the AFC East if they can capitalize on the fact that the Patriots are playing two AFC East teams during Brady’s four-week suspension.

With the Bills are one of them, the chances are high.

The Dolphins’ Chances

The Miami Dolphins probably have the lowest chance of taking the AFC East, as they placed dead last in the conference last year with a record of 6 wins and ten losses.

Short of a miracle, it is unlikely that they will be able to catch up, but they play the Patriots in week two game so they might actually have a chance to beat the Patriots in at least one game this year, but they would still have to play at their absolute best for that to happen.

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