NFC North: Green Bay Packers

Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings may have won the division last year, but the Green Bay Packers have won the division all four years prior to that from 2011 to 2014. The Packers are an indisputably good team, and Aaron Rodgers has what it takes to lead the Packers to another playoff berth. Peterson may be an amazing running back, but the rest of the team doesn’t have what it takes to be back-to-back division champions.

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles

This division has not had back-to-back champions since 2004 and that champion was the Philadelphia Eagles. They have the talent to pull off enough wins to edge out the competition, which will probably be the New York Giants, but with Eli Manning in a rut it is unlikely the Giants will win the division.

But with the NFC East easily the weakest division in the conference, whatever champion arises from this division will quickly get cut down in the playoffs.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks

In no reality is winning the NFC West going to be easy for the Seattle Seahawks. In reality the division could go to either the Arizona Cardinals or the Seattle Seahawks, but the Seahawks have more of an edge of the defense than the Cardinals have on the offense. The Seahawks are a very defense driven team, which helps them compete against high powered offensive teams like the Cardinals. However, whichever team doesn’t win the division is more than likely going to get a playoff berth on a wild card.

NFC South: Carolina Panthers

Considering how much the Carolina Panthers won their division by last year, it is likely they will win the division again this year. The Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints have both done a lot of prep work in order to take down the Panthers, but both teams are in rebuilding stages and it's unlikely either team will actually manage to knock the Panthers down a peg.

The Saints don’t have the defensive strength to stop Cam Newton’s pure athleticism and the Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan isn’t good enough to keep playing well after the Panthers defense gets a hold of him.

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