The New Yorker has corrected a cartoon produced poking fun at the Rio Olympics scandal involving Ryan Lochte after new information has come out about the incident.

What had happened in Rio?

The incident in question occurred when four of the Olympic swimmers, Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger, and Jimmy Feign, went to Club France, a popular club in Rio, and reported claims of being victimized by robbers who were posing as cops while at the club. Lochte even wentso far as to appear on television to describe the incident in detail.

Authorities eventually noticed holes in the story, especially noting that security cameras caught the swimmers in the area two hours after the club, and it is now believed that the four swimmers had vandalized a gas station bathroom, and were later expelled from the area by armed guards.

Added to that, the swimmers’ original claims had put Rio officials on a wild goose-chase for the supposed robbers.

Lochte has made a public apology over the incident, but it is believed it may cost him millions in endorsements.

The New Yorker cartoons

In one of their trademark cartoons, published around the time reports of the original false accounts of robbery came to light, The New Yorker published a cartoon, from artist Benjamin Schwartz, portraying the four swimmers in a police station looking at potential suspects in a line-up. As a joke, one of the proposed suspects is seen wearing gold medals; supposedly, the original joke was that whoever robbed the swimmers had the misfortune to be the villain in a highly publicized case.

The cartoon even highlights this by coloring the medals yellow in an otherwise gray-scale picture.

The original cartoon can be seen below, through the publication’s social media accounts.

Schwartz and The New Yorker have supposedly changed their sympathies against the four swimmers, as an edited version of the cartoon has come out, this time claiming it was a “correction,” and having the police officer saying in a word bubble, “I think you guys are on the wrong side of the glass.” Notably, the word-bubble, which is edited to look like it was taped onto the original cartoon, also covers up the gold medals from the original.

The edited version of the comic can also be seen below.

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