Pokémon GOhas become the most downloaded application of the year in iOS and Android. Millions of people in the world are immersed in the fever of the game. This augmented reality game makes you a hunter Pokémonin your community, it is therefore not surprising that hasrevolutionized the way of relating to and have fun.Based on this idea we show you below a selection of thebest videos ofPokémon Go.

The besttutorials ofPokémon Go

LuzuGamesis one of thevloggerwith greater influence in the networksin terms of Video Games and the entire wavegeek. Thereforecannot stop talking aboutthe importance ofPokémon Go.Here are their best videos - all of whom have reached more than 10 million views on YouTube-.CapturingPokemon's: withthis video,LuzuGamestakes us tothe real world to huntPokémon.

He tells us about his experience quite hilariously, while making annotations about how to have a better performance during the game. If this is your case, you cannot miss the opportunity to watch the following video:

The master of the gyms: in this opportunity, Luzutells us about new updates of the game, as well as your playing experience in Latin America. Duringthe17 minutesthat lasts the video,we will try to take a few gyms; all this with his style sopeculiar and funny.

Fighting in gyms:is one of thebest videos ofPokémon Gothat we find in the network. Account with almost6million visits throughout the world. In these 13 minutes, you will learn everything related with the gyms Pokémon: where to find them, what to do, as well as some tips to buy more gadgets and improve your hunting Pokémon.

The good and the bad ofPokémon Go: has been its latest videoandwhat is surprising is that in just one day it has already reached half a million views. LuzuGamesmakes a criticism about the game and makes some proposalsthat are necessaryto ensure thatthis improves.

Thebest videos ofPokémon Goare not only ofLuzuGames, there are alsosome others too whodedicate themselves to talk about the game, show hints and tips for players to become the best teacher Pokémon.

To the mountains | Pokémon Go: JuegaGermanis thevlogger geekthathasbecome famousfor thegame. Why? Because ithas decided to take their things and go on a trip tohunt thePokémonin other locationsand geographical environments. In this opportunityhasgonefromdesert direct to the snowy mountains.

The most tragic accidents ofPokémon Go

If something has characterized the gamePokémon Gosince its inception is the number of accidents that has caused. Even this madeNiantic Labdecide to start the game with a warning not to enter dangerous places.

The popularYouTube vlogger,DrawsTops, compiled the most impressive cases:

In the Video7 accidents by Play Pokémon,we see the imprudence of many players have caused traffic accidents, people hurt, people who have caused damage to third parties, theft. Even stabbing by fights between gyms.To see more about these accidents watch this video:

Something more than laughter

Thebest videos ofPokémon Gocannot leave aside the laughter and hilarious situations that make you about life.

In this opportunity, we show youa video that took place in case closed,Telemundo programwhichconsists in that people are going to expose its claim before a judge who determines whether or no.

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