This morning, the Bills lost linebacker and second round pick Reggie Ragland for the entire 2016 season. The injury dealt another tough blow to a team that already lost first round pick Shaq Lawson for a significant period of time. Those two injuries have contributed to a loss of optimism among Bills fans, who haven't seen the playoffs for 16 seasons. But there's at least one huge Bills fan who still thinks the season is not lost.

Terry Pegula

New owner Terry Pegula has done everything he could to keep the team in Buffalo. When he purchased the franchise, he saved the Buffalo Bills from Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi, who were both interested in moving the team somewhere else.

Now Terry Pegula wants fans to keep and calm and not overreact to the news about Reggie Ragland.

That's a big statement from the Bills owner and one that I can get behind.Although Reggie Ragland is a critical piece, he is just one of the members on a solid Bills defense. Plus, the Bills have some replacement players that should be able to fill his shoes quite nicely.


Now that Ragland is injured, the two Bills slotted to start are Preston Brown and new addition Zach Brown. Preston Brown played for the Bills last season and should be comfortable with Rex Ryan's defensive scheme.

Brown, a linebacker with the Titans last season, will have to make some adjustments. So far, the Bills are getting nothing but good news about his plays in practice.

To further fill the void, the Bills added linebackers Brandon Spikes and David Hawthorne. Spikes, a popular fan favorite, is an excellent run stuffer.

He was one of the leaders on the 2014 Bills defense that broke the team sack record. Unfortunately, Spikes is a liability in coverage who does get beat easily. Hawthorne is a 31-year-old veteran who has done plenty of work around the league. The former Saints linebacker should have no trouble picking up Rex Ryan's complicated defensive scheme.

Bills Fans

It's hard to believe in a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 16 seasons. I get my hopes up every year as a fan, only to have them crushed by the end of the regular season. I respect what Pegula is saying and hope that he is right, but I want the team to prove him right first. Even without Ragland, the Bills probably do have a chance to make the playoffs behind their most dangerous offense in years.

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