The Tennessee Titans might finally be ready to stop being one of the worst teams in the NFL. The last time they had a winning record was in 2011. In the last two years, the Titans have found themselves at the bottom of the AFC South and last year they found themselves at the bottom of the NFL.

Titans in Review

During these tense years, the Titans have slowly been using the draft to fill holes in their team and recreate a team actually worthy of beating. They shaped up their offense in the 2015 draft with their first round pick of Marcus Mariota. Mariota finished the 2015 season with a respectable 62.2 completion percentage after starting 12 of the 16 games.

Mariota is already showing improvement in the preseason and looks ready to improve on the three wins the Titans managed in the 2015 season.

The Tennessee Titans finished 27th in the league in points allowed last year, only slightly better than their 28th place ranking in points scored last year. The Titans need to change a lot if they are to improve those rankings, because clearly what they are doing now isn’t working.

Looking to the Draft

In the 2016 Draft, the Titans used their first three picks on Offensive Tackle Jack Conklin, Linebacker Kevin Dodd, and Defensive Tackle Austin Johnson. They also acquired various free agents on the line. Clearly, the Titans are looking to tighten up their line of both the offensive and defensive sides with goals of protected their second-year quarterback and potentially attacking the offensive line of opposing teams.

Out of the rest of the draft picks the Titans had, most were spent on defensive players. The Titans focused their efforts on the offense in the 2015 draft, and now it is clear they are shifting their focus to the defense.

The preseason isn’t a great indicator of how a team will perform in the regular season, but the Titans are showing promise.

That is more than some other teams can say. If the Titans have done their due diligence this offseason, they might not get the first pick of the draft again.

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