The very first rally was held on August 12th through August 14th in 1938 and was called the "Black Hills Motor Classic." As the popularity of the event grew, official dates for the rally grew as well. It also got a different name. Now we have the "sturgis motorcycle Rally" held on the Monday through Sunday following the first full weekend in August each year. In 2015 this popular rally had a record 739,000 visitors.

People begin to arrive in the days preceding the start of the rally. One of the popular campgrounds for the event is the "Buffalo Chip Campground". Concerts and performers entertain the crowd at the campground each year.

Stunt goes wrong, injuring four

Miss Nyla Griffith, spokeswoman for the "Buffalo Chip Campground", told the"Rapid City Journal"that Lita Ford and Kid Rock were in concert at the campground on Sunday evening. At approximately 9:45 PM, during an intermission between Lita Ford's performance and Kid Rock taking thestage, a performer was doing astunton the stage.While doing a burnout on a motorcycle, he lost control and ran off the stage, hitting four people in the crowd.

How extensive were the injuries?

Miss Griffith went on to say that the four were treated at the scene of the accident and possibly taken to the hospital. She had no information on their current condition or extent of the injuries. According to the "Rapid City Journal", however, the injuries included a broken nose and a hurt leg.

Each year the popular motorcycle rally attracts people from near and far. Many roll into town on two wheels as others come in with their motorcycles trailered. Either way, the small town with a population of 6,637 transforms into a major metropolis for a few days. Concerts, shows, vendors, rides, and one big party.

There is something for everyone.

Each year there are many fatalities on the roads surrounding Sturgis during the week before, the week of and the week after the rally. This is a very fun and exciting event each year. Hopefully, this year will be different.

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