A spectacular performance by goalkeeperItumeleng Khune helped the South African soccer team to a 0:0 draw against Brazil in the men's opening match in Rio. Football, more commonly known as soccer in South Africa, is a team game, and no single player can claim to have made the only difference to the outcome of a match, but Khune was on fire with his goal-stopping performance.

Khune shut down prediction

Both sides missed opportunities to score, but the South African defense was determined and relentless. When Mvula left the field after receiving his second yellow card in a matter of minutes,Agence France-Presse'Kieran Canning tweeted that there was no way Brazil could lose - but Khune shut down that prediction, and his team backed him up by pushing fearlessly intothe Brazilian side of the field.

The Brazilian team just could not get their ball into the net. "The ball would not go in,"Micale said to Associated Press after the match. This was despite the fact that Brazil dominated possession for much of the game.

During the match, Khune met shot after shot with spectacular play. He faced off against numerous corners, but the closest Brazil came to scoring was a corner post knock. Soccerladuuma reported that the save by Khune in the 40th minute was outstandingand meant they could go into thebreak with neither side having scored. The 74th minutesaw another excellent save when Khune rushed off his line to stop a determined attempt byFelipe Anderson andNeymar.

The accidental goalkeeper

Khune plays for theKaizer Chiefsin the Premier Soccer League when he is not playing for South Africa's National team. The 29-year-old used to be the captain of both those teams at one time. He first shot into the hearts of fan back in 2007 when he saved three penalties in theTelkom Knockoutfinals.

He also has an infamous side to him and he became only the second goalkeeper in FIFA history to be sent off the field in 2010 when his team played against Uruguayin the FIFA World Cup.

Unlike most South African youngsters, his first sporting love was cricket, but he gave up any cricketing ambitions so he could make a full-time career in soccer.

His first effort at trails for the Chiefs in 1999 was to play in the defense line but, being reduced to ballboy through injury changed his life. His ballboy ball-stopping activitiescaught the attention of youth coach Terror Sephoaand he made it to the first team five years later as a goalkeeper. He only had the opportunity to get in some game time in 2007 when he debuted against Jomo Cosmos.

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