When Schooling beat South Africa's Le Clos, Phelps - history's top Olympicmedal winner and Laslo Cseh to take the gold in the men's 100m butterfly, the world focussed their attention on the incredible three-way tie for silver. Schooling who was swimming for Singapore made his own history as he became the first Male Swimmer from Singapore to win a gold medal. Nevertheless, for South Africa, the Chad Le Clos silver in the three-way tie was particularly special. The silver that he won in this race propelled him into a class of his own. He now stands proudly as South Africa's most decorated Olympic champion of all time.

Le Clos performed under personal pressure

While Chadmight not be in the same pool of history-makers as Phelps, he is still a young man and has a swimming career ahead of him that promises to be exciting for his South African supporters. The pride that South Africans feel for Chad arises not only from the fact that he bounced back from a disappointing 200m result, but it is common knowledge that both his Mum and his Dad are battling with cancer. His strength in adversity had some viewers in tears as he swam to a magnificent three-way tie in a sensational Rio final. The three silver medal winners all clocked in at 51.14 seconds.

Phelps bigger than many of his fans

When Phelps and Le Clos were photographed holding hands at the medal ceremony, many people felt that things were starting to get weird at the Olympics, but it was a great gesture from a great man when Phelpsdid that.

There was unprecedentedand unsporting hatred by some Phelps fans, who shamelessly tweeted about the family cancer that Chad is trying to deal with on top of the pressure of the Olympics. Fans of le Clos expressed their anger at this and one tweet read:

It is unfortunate that NBC, in particular, appears tohave played up the Phelps / Le Clos rivalry into a villain and victor type of media hype.

Both of these men are famous, and the pride of their respective countries and they both deserve the accolades of their fans. While Chad is looking forward to making his country proud again, Phelps came out of retirement for Rio. America can only hope their hero will try out for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

God willing, South Africans hold onto the hope that the parents of Le Clos will be there in 2020 to cheer him onto the medal podium again.

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