Tim Tebow just held a baseball workout to try and impress some major league teams in the hope that he would land a major league contract. So far, Tebow actually does have one offer. And there's one person who's never doubted Tim Tebow's ability to succeed. Skip Bayless was in attendance for the workout and had some choice words for everyone after it was over. And Skip Bayless didn't disappoint his fans with some legenary Tweets that featured Tebow's greatness prominently.

Skip Bayless' workout Tweets

Skip posted more than 20 Tweets about the workout, but I'll try to consolidate the most relevant ones below.

Tebow's first part of the workout began with a 60 yard dash that was apparently on par with those of MLB stars like Derek Jeter and Bryce Harper. I wouldn't expect anything less than the following tweet in support of Tebow.

It's not amazingly fast, but Skip will go to great lengths to praise Tim Tebow at any cost. The lauding continued after Tim Tebow fielded some fly balls in what Skip called "hellacious sun."

I can't imagine how hard this must have been for him!

MLB players never have to deal with the sun when they're trying to catch baseballs. And Skip lauded on even more additional support once Tebow took the plate.

It's Skip's job to exaggerate but this sounds a little far fetched.

Is Tebow really lighting it up in batting practice or is Skip just showering on the love like usual?

I guess he is being truthful here.

Tim Tebow couldn't quite perform at a major league level but definitely has some baseball talent. That didn't stop Skip Bayless from making the absurd notion that he could play in the majors.

It's still a distinct possibility, but it's probably not going to happen anytime soon. And Skip Bayless had some words for Tebow related to his Football career after the workout as well.

Tim Tebow's NFL Career

Skip Bayless was the most vocal Tebow supporter when he was a starter in the NFL. When he managed to help the Broncos defeat the Steelers in the playoffs, he lorded it over everyone's head.

When the Patriots signed Tebow, he hailed it as another glorious Bill Belichick move. Tebow would later be cut and was never given a starting quarterback job in the NFL again. But that doesn't mean that Skip Bayless doesn't think he should have one.

Tim Tebow wasn't good enough for any team to take a chance on him! Teddy Bridgewater is out for the year and the Vikings would rather rely on 36-year-old Shaun Hill than a younger 29-year-old Tebow. It's time to understand that Tebow's career in football is over. But Bayless seems to be in denial and probably still wishes that Tebow was employed as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Tebow had chances with the Jets and Patriots. He wasn't good enough for either team. But when you're Skip Bayless, you will support Tim Tebow untilthe end no matter what.

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