The Gymnastics superstar Simone Biles knows how to stay cool under pressurein the Olympic Games. Her advice could apply for any job that involves pressure or any difficult situation that a person may face. The Ohio native has known face those competitions more demanding of the world with calm and with a smile.

The talent of Biles is only comparable to the Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, who caused a sensation in the Olympic Games in 1976. But experts say thatBiles beats Comaneci.

Her secrets to win

Trust in your team:her team, 'The final five,' support each other, they feel like sisters. They are grateful to be the one to the other.

Among them, they know what their strengths and what are their weaknesses by thus improving group work.

Keep going when you are wrong:when she makes a mistake, she continues with her routine as if had never been wrong. She practices her exercises many times so that she can correct errors quickly.

Do what you love

Rewards:when you work hard for your goals, then you have to reward yourself with something because that will make you feel better. The next day you will have more desire to go to work and improve what you do.

Enjoy the process:Biles thinks that people don't need to be serious to do a good job. You can have fun and do your job well, at the same time. If you have discipline and have a good time with what you do, your work will better every day.

Simone Biles is making history in the Olimpic Games, the difficulty and power of her movements put her well above her competitors. We know that all the girls in the world want to be like her as her success will be the biggest inspiration for future generations of gymnasts. We are lucky

We are fortunate to be contemporary to this superstar who will continue delighting us with her talent.

Experts explain the success of Biles in two points: excellent orientation temporal air space and her fibrous muscles.

Experts say she is extraordinary from birth, and physical advantages have for gymnastics happens in few humans so that it will be difficult to a competitor beat it.

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