The Buffalo Bills recently changed the name of their stadium from Ralph Wilson Stadium to New Era Stadium. The naming rights to the stadium were purchased several days ago by the hat making company, which is looking to continue its brand growth. But the move has not come without controversy, as Bills fans remember what Ralph Wilson had done for the city for his entire life. But Twitter was quick to remind us that there was more than one option for the name. Let's take a quick look at the sevenbest alternative options for aBuffalo Bills stadium name.

1. Fred Jackson Memorial Stadium

Bills legend Fred Jackson is revered by all members of the Buffalo community.

A division three player who came out of Coe College, Jackson absolutely deserves the recognition that goes along with having his name on the stadium.

2. Wide Right Stadium

As a Bills fan, this one really hurts me. But I can't deny that the name is funny. It encapsulates all the failures of my favorite team into a single unfortunate name that will always be a reminder that we were just one field goalaway from a Super Bowl victory.

3. Belichick's Backyard

This one is also prettypainful. Belichick has dominated the Bills since becoming the head coach for the New England Patriots, consistently defeating the team on the road every single year.

Part of that success can be attributed to Tom Brady, who never seems to lose a game against the Bills.

4. Alcoholics Anonymous Stadium

Bills fans are well known for being rowdy at home games. Part of that can be attributed to a fan base that loves to have fun and get drunk during Football games.

Alcohol has the practical use of adding body heat in cold weatherand can also be used to deal with the anger of rooting for a team that has missed the playoffs for sixteen straight years.

5. Buffalo Wild Wings Stadium

O.K., this one is just ridiculous.

But it's hard not to laugh at a stadium name that promotes exactly what Buffalo is known for. Personally, I think Buffalo Wild Wings should have bought the rights just to honor the birthplace of buffalo wings.

6. The House of Offseason Champions

As a Bills fan, it's hard to not get caught up in the optimism of the offseason. The start of a brand new season brings so many new possibilities and new players that it's impossible to not believe in the team. Unfortunately, the Bills have let fans down every year for the past 15 years by consistently missing the playoffs. However, I will still blindly believe in their playoff chances for 2016 and hope they don't disappoint!

7. At Least We Aren't the Browns

This has to be my favorite tweet of the day. The Bills are probably the only franchise in the NFL that have things better than the Browns other than perhaps the Detroit Lions. Thankfully, the Bills do have a period in their history where they were highly successful and dominated the league. Let's just hope the Bills stay ahead of the Browns in the foreseeable future.

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