Concerns that arose across the world over Brazil not being ready to host the Olympic Games in 2016 were consistently swept aside by the Rio Olympic officials. With the games just days way, it seems that those fears were not misplaced. Armed robberies, assault, and theft, have already visited themselves upon the competitors and a controlled explosion on a suspicious toolbox that appears not to have been very controlledhas cranked up alarm levels.

The 'controlled explosion'.

Express UK carried a report that indicatedthere might have been abombconcealed inside a toolbox atthe Maracana stadium where rehearsals are going on for the opening ceremonies.

Although security has been beefed up aroundthe Olympic Village and various stadiums, when a suspicious toolbox was found this Sunday it might indeed have contained explosives. A robot was sent in to investigate but as soon as it touched the box it exploded.There was nobody injured during the incident, but this is not the first time danger has posed a threat to competitors in the city of Rio.

In June, the Washington Post reported thatJosé Beltrame, the head of the State Security Police admitted that a lack of funding for the Police had caused some concern about their ability to secure the Olympics. Nevertheless, he went on to assure them that resolutions to the problems would be found before the opening of the Games.

Armed robberies and theft.

This statement came after thugs robbed members of the Spanish team at gunpointin May. More recently an Australian Paralympian,Liesl Teschwas pushed to the ground by a man wielding a gun. He stole her cycle and that of her companion,the team physiotherapist Sarah Ross. Tesch described the attack as "absolutely horrific."

Kitty Chiller, the Australianchef de mission reported via the Express UK that the Olympic residence Village does not even have CCTV.

The team was robbed of shirts and a laptop during a firealert on Sunday. Chiller saw some people who appeared to be fire officers walking away with team tee-shirts. During the fire alert, everyone was evacuated from the buildings and it was during this period that the thefts took place.

ISIS dirt bomb threat 'credible'.

Apart from theft and armed robberies, larger fears are emerging. Reports via the Daily Mail UK indicate that there is real concern that an ISIS threat to blow up a "dirty bomb" at the Rio Olympics might be genuine. Luiz Alberto Sallaberry, the counter-terrorism director, believes it is a"credible threat." The United Nations have sent top-flight equipment to Rio to try and intercept terrorist communications. A dirty bomb is a standard explosive mixed with radioactive materials. According to the Sun, The International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) has lent the Olympic Security Chiefs the best equipment available to scan for radioactive materials. The is small comfort to the competitors as a bomb of this kind would cause severe damage and render large areas unusable for years to come.

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