For the past three months, Ryback has not been seen on WWE television,having satout that time due to a contract dispute, while posting pointed criticism of the company’s pay structure. He also wasn’t included in the recent brand draft, and with his contract due to expire this month, many have assumed he wouldn’t be re-signing with WWE if given the chance. Now it appears to be almost as good as confirmed, as “The Big Guy” took to social media today to announce he has no plans of re-signing.

Ryback wishes WWE “the best in their future endeavors”

In a video posted on his official Instagram account, Ryback, a.k.a.

Ryan Reeves in real life, used the line WWE uses when announcing a performer is no longer connected with the company, wishing the company “the best in their future endeavors.” He added that he and WWE “will no longer be conducting business together,” effectively expressing his lack of intentto sign a new deal with the promotion.

Ryback had last competed on May 1, when he lost a United States title match to then-defending champ Kalisto in the pre-show of the Paybackpay-per-view. Prior to that, he had freshened up his character, turning heel and picking on smaller wrestlers like he did in his previous heel run, but with less success and much less fanfare. Not long after, contract negotiations with WWE had apparently bogged down, and Ryback had taken to his Tumblr account to clarify his frustrations with the company.

In that blog post, he said that it isn’t right that those who win most of their matches get paid much more than the “losers,” being that it’s common knowledge that pro Wrestling has pre-determined outcomes.

New website, “full-time” wrestling schedule also teased

With Ryback almost confirmed to be letting his contract expire without a new deal on Monday, August 8, he also teased some future projects on his Instagram video.

He said he will be launching a new website called, as well as other products including a clothing line and sports supplements. He also hinted at a “full-time wrestling schedule” going forward, though it’s not sure where he plans to wrestle once his WWE contract is up.

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