American swimmer Ryan Lochte is under a lot of pressure right now. Lochte claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint in a taxicab in Rio while he was on the way to a party. He was with two other swimmers, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, who are still in Rio. Lochte had already left the country two days before a Brazilian judge ordered him to stay there.

Lochte had already left the country two days before a Brazilian judge ordered him to stay there. But nobody, including Lochte, seems to know what actually happened.

There are multiple sides to the story, with the IOC claiming that nothing happened.

The Twitterverse has been quick to dispute Lochte's claims, having a field day with his inconsistent story.


At this point, I don't think Lochte has any interest in returning to Brazil and cooperating with their laws. While he was there, Lochte remained in full compliance and doesn't have to come back. And the Internet had the perfect video to encapsulate the swimmer's feelings.

I'm just glad he was able to make a mad dash out of the country.

Here's one more video of him getting on the plane before things could get out of hand.

Now Lochtejust has to run from the truth for the next few weeks. That could take a reallylong time.


At least there were some people who were willing to support the Olympian on Twitter.

Even fictional people count! There's even someone out there who claimed that he actually saved the life of Ryan Lochte before he was robbed!

Even Donald Trump agreed that Lochte had been robbed! And he knows the exact identity of the man who committed the robbery.

And there are even some supporters who wouldn't even mind if Lochte's story was just one huge lie.

Lochte's Story.

Ryan Lochte even gave his own trustworthy account to prove his innocence.

It totally doesn't sound like he's lying here.

Any viewer who watched that would have immediately questioned the veracity of Lochte's story. The IOC is a corrupt organization interested in money, so it's hard to trust them. But so far, it looks like they are the ones telling the truth and Lochte is the person who is lying.

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