According to recent reports, American Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, has hired Matthew Hiltzik, a New York-based public relations consultant, to help serve as his public relations expert after his robbery scandal in Rio.

The scandal over four swimmers in Rio

Trouble started for Lochte, as well as fellow swimmers, Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz andJames Feigen, with an incident in which he claims they were robbed. Lochte’s claim that he and his teammates werevictims of a robbery could cost him sponsorships and endorsement deals, due in part to the fact that Brazilian police deny the account.

If fact, Brazilian authorities are claiming the opposite, saying that the four had vandalized a gas station bathroom and were stopped by security.

As evidence of their claims, authorities have revealed that the four were caught on camera laughing and smiling, which would be unusual for people who had just been robbed, given that their lives could have just been threatened.

Conger and Bentz were previously removed from a plane from Brazil to the Americas for questioning over the incident, although they were eventually permitted to leave. Lochtehimself had been allowed to leave two days earlier. Currently, however, all four swimmers are still believed to be under investigation by Brazilian authorities.

Chuck Wielgus, who serves as excutive director of USA Swimming, released a statement that criticized the four, saying that such behavior should not serve as representation of “Olympians, as Americans, as swimmers and as individuals,” although he admitted he was glad the four are safe.

Can Hiltzik work his magic for Lochte?

Hiltzik has made a name for himself helping other celebrities in the past. Such names include Justin Bieber, Harvey Weinstein, and Alec Baldwin.

This would also not be the first time Hiltzik was able to help an athlete who had fallen from grace. He previously helped MLB star Ryan Braun, after he was involved in a scandal involving him being accused of using performance-enhancing drugs.

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