Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has quickly become one of the most disliked athletes in sports. He blamed a drunken night with friends on a pretend robbery and brought further scrutiny to a Rio Olympics that had already been embroiled in too much. Once fans realized that he was lying, they had no problem tearing him to shreds on Twitter. Today, Lochte was again destroyed by the #NewRyanLochteSponsors. This comes after several companies, including Speedo and Ralph Lauren, chose to cut ties with the swimmer.

Facetious Tweets

Twitter never disappoints when it comes to creativity. And plenty of people were willing to share their hilarious takes with the entire world.

One fan didn't hold back when she described the swimmer's personality.

Ryan Lochte could actually be dumb enough to consider sponsoring the product. And therewas more than one Tweet about it!

Ryan Lochte is going to have to seriously consider this option. Otherwise, he risks losing the crowd who sees him for the massive douche that he apparentlyis. And even more people went further to question his character.

At this point, it's fair to consider a partner for Ryan Lochte.

But who could possibly be suitable for a lying scumbag like Ryan Lochte?

Donald Trump.

There were plenty of people out there asking for a Lochte Trump sponsorship deal. It would be a perfect match in heaven. - an idiot who has accumulated billions of dollars of debt combined with an athlete who cost the Rio Olympics plenty of public shame and infamy.

And who would be better to pair with than the men and women responsible for running the Trump campaign?

Ryan Lochte would fit right in with the lies perpetuated by Trump's side. Some even suggested that Trump hire him to promote products because America simply needs a face they can trust.

I don't think Ryan Lochte can guarantee anything. Or write and act out a great script. For that, he'll need to enlist the help of a licensed professional writer.

The speech might be copied, but Lochte doesn't know that and we don't have to tell him. And the Republicans aren't the only party interested in sponsoring the star Olympian.

Lochte should just be sponsored by both of them and never tell the Republicans and Democrats about the separate contracts.

There's no way the truth will ever comeout, right?


Twitter didn't stop there, giving Lochte further advice to fix the problems that caused this issue.

Ryan Lochte just wishes he had this product before he was forced to face the ridicule of the public. His image is ruined and his sponsors are gone thanks to a lie that will likely land him in even more trouble when the Olympic committee decides on a fitting punishment. For now, fans of the Olympics will continue to happily pile hilarious insults at the swimmer on Twitter.

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