For most nations, the 2016 Paralympicswill start this September. ForRussia, they won't be starting at all. After an extensive investigation by theWorld Anti-Doping Agency, theyallegedly found that the team was using performance-enhancing drugs.

Russian government blamed

An investigation by WADA, revealed that the government was in on the whole thing.Phillip Craven, President of the International Paralympic Committee has said that Russia is entirely at fault for the ban. He was repulsed by the fact that Russia would do this and that the Russian government would use these drugs on their athletes. Especially in the case of physically disabled athletes who might not be able to handle the negative side-effects as well.

Richard McLaren, an investigator forWADA,triggered the move by issuing a report in July. The report alleges that theRussian Olympic team,as well as their Paralympic counterpart,had not only been been using these drugs on a large scale for a long time but the country's government knew about it and had been covering it up for years.

The scandal goes further than the Paralympic team though. TheRussian Olympic teamis also facing sanctions. Almost a third of their players have already been banned but the International Olympic Committeedid not go as far as banning the country outright as the IPC has done,

Russia will appeal

Russiahas said it will appeal the ban claiming that their para athletes are innocent and that they seek to protect their reputations.Vitaly Mutko, the Russian Sports Minister told Tass, a Russian media outlet that he plans to appeal to the decision and will send an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne, Switzerland to get the ban lifted.

The IPC remains firm in their decision. Todd Hutchinson, chairperson of the athletes council, said that though he sympathizes with the disappointment of the team, the ban is in the best interests of the athletes of the Russian Paralympic Team and other Paralympic teams that play fair.

What happens with Russia out

With Russia out of the2016 Paralympic Games,events will have to be shuffled around. The team had 267 slots in 18 sports. The IPC says that it is talking with the various countries to figure out the best way redistribute the slots before theParalympic Gamesstart in September.

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