It’s a small victory for the Russian Olympic team, considering the potentially damning McLaren Report that accused Russia of running a “state-sponsored doping program” in previous years – 271 athletes have reportedly been cleared to take part in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

At least 70 percent of original team will compete in Rio

According to statements from Russian Olympics Committee president Alexander Zhukov, 271 out of the 387-person Russian contingent for the Rio Olympics have been cleared to compete. The country’s officials were also quoted as saying that the International Olympic Committee is still mulling over some cases, but the fact that most of the team is still taking part in the games is more than enough consolation for an embattled nation that was embroiled in a major doping controversy in the run-up to the Olympics.

Zhukov was a bit cagey when pressed by CNN reporter Nick Paton Walsh at a press conference Thursday in Rio. He said that the count he and his fellow officials had provided is just “information for this moment” and won’t be final until the IOC releases an official report. IOC president Thomas Bach, for his part, said that this final report on which members of the Russian Olympic team will compete in Rio should be out before Friday.

Russia is most drug-tested country, says Zhukov

In addition to his comments about how many Russian athletes are expected to compete in the Rio Olympics, Zhukov also told reporters at the news conference that the country’s Olympic team is the most drug-tested team.

"Each and every sportsperson was checked and tested, and the international federations checked them and they concluded and made the decision that there were negative,” said Zhukov, adding that there was a “huge amount of negative test results” proving as evidence that most of the Russian team is “completely clean” ahead of the Olympics.

In terms of specific sports, the International Boxing Association said on Thursday that all of the Russian team’s 11 boxers have been given the go-ahead to compete in the Olympics. Likewise, the International Judo Federation confirmed that all of Russia’s competitors in the sport will also be competing, while the International Shooting Sport Federation greenlighted 18 Russian shooters for the Games.

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