Slow start for Team USA

In what can only be described as uncharacteristic for a team stacked with this much talent, USA Men's Basketball found themselves tied with the the Venezuelan national team at 18 points each following the first quarter of play. Of course, one can argue that Team USA has the luxury of taking it easy if they so choose (particularly in these early rounds) without it negatively impacting the outcome of games, per se. Ultimately, it's what many refer to in sports as the X-Factor, and, luckily for the United States, each member of its roster is an X-Factor in his own right.

Sluggish start leads to blowout

Even with that slow start in mind, there was probably little doubt that things would pick up and Team USA would get back into proper form. They did just that in the second quarter of play, putting their feet firmly on the gas pedal and powering through with a 24-4 run that blew the game open, never looking back. En route to this convincing, emphatic win.

The United States also shot a combined 32 of 38 from the free-throw stripe, setting an Olympic record in that category for free-throws made. Although this record was more about sheer volume of free-throws rather than free-throw percentage, the United States still managed to shoot a combined 84.2 percent from the foul line.

Indiana Pacer Paul George scored 20 points in the contest, with 14 of those 20 coming in the fourth quarter of action. Along with George, five other players scored in double figures. This total also included a monstrous 70 points scored off the bench (even if calling any of the players on the roster bench players is laughable).

With a final box score of 113-69, Team USA improves to 2-0 in Olympic competition as they breeze through yet another blowout win on their collective quest for 2016 Rio gold. Overall, it's great for the game of Basketball to see a player like Paul George come back to the competition and put up a strong game, particularly in light of the way he horrifically broke his leg in 2014.

The US will tip-off against Australia on August 10th.

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