The United States swimming team has experienced great success at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, what with Michael Phelps winning more medals and breaking more records, including one set almost 2,200 years ago in the ancient Olympics. Still, that great success has come with a rather colorful subplot – an incident where Ryan Lochte and three other American swimmers were allegedly robbed by a group of men pretending to be police officers.

The plot thickens: Lochte and Jimmy Feigen asked to stay in Rio for questioning

On Sunday, news broke of four U.S. swimmers – Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz, and Jack Conger – getting robbed at gunpoint as they returned from a party, heading back to Olympic Village early Sunday morning.

They claimed to U.S. Olympic Committee officials that the taxi they were riding home was stopped by “individuals posing as armed police officers” who pulled out their guns and demanded their money and valuables.

Days after the incident, however, Rio police had been quoted as saying that there hasn’t been enough proof to back up the claim that the four swimmers were robbed. In the latest development on the story, Lochte and Feigen were reportedly asked to remain in Rio, as a judge had noticed some inconsistencies in their testimonies. Judge Keyla Blanc De Cnop also ordered search warrants for the two U.S. swimmers, and that their passports be seized pending investigation on the alleged robbery.

According to Lochte’s agent, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports, the 32-year-old Olympic veteran has since left Brazil; this was backed up by his lawyer, Jeff Ostrow, who confirmed this information to CNN. It’s still unsure whether the three other swimmers involved in the incident are still in Rio.

USOC will work closely with Rio authorities as investigation continues

In a prepared statement, USOC representative Patrick Sandusky told media outlets that there were no attempts to detain any of the swimmers, but police still have some questions to ask, particularly to Lochte and Feigen. He added that the committee will “cooperate with all involved” in the case as it pushes forward.

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