Robert Griffin III signed on with the Cleveland Browns back in March, with a two-year deal that most assumed meant that he would be the new starting quarterback for the Browns. That was until the Browns drafted quarterback Cody Kessler in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft. This meant that Griffin III now has competition for the starting job, competing with Kessler in addition to the other three quarterbacks, Josh McCown, Austin Davis, and Pat Devlin, which are also on the Browns roster.

At training camp

Griffin III has been reportedly been playing on the first team during the Browns training camp this year, but with his past record of injuries, there is still a chance that another quarterback could take the starting job from him, at the very least for a few games.

Griffin III has to stay healthy if he wants a shot at getting a longer term deal with the Browns. He needs a solid place to play if he wants to get back to his former glory.

However, it is imperative that all the quarterbacks get a shot at playing first team during training sessions leading up to the preseason so the Browns coaching staff, and especially new head coach Hue Jackson, have a chance to see who fits best.

Looking forward

In the preseason, it is likely multiple quarterbacks will be playing, and the favorites will split the time fairly evenly so coach Hue Jackson can get a sense of which quarterback is the best fit for the team. However, Jackson has promised to have named the starter before the preseason begins, but with Griffin III’s string of injuries, it is likely they will keep at least one other quarterback in reserve and probably trade the others.

While Griffin III is likely to get the starting job, nothing is certain with these many quarterbacks on the roster. McCown being named as the starting quarterback is also a possibility, but there have beenrumors of the Cowboys looking to acquire him through a trade. If the Browns want any chance of a playoff run this year then they must make the correct choice in the crucial quarterback decision.

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