There is one week left until the best Tennis players will jump in on what is supposed to be a great encounter where the strongest athlete will seize the gold medal for himself. Last week, Roger Federer said that he will miss the rest of the season thus the Olympics are off the table for the Swiss star. A couple of days ago, some positive news came out regarding Rafael Nadal`s recovery and his attendance at the Olympics. The Spaniard who grabbed the gold medal in men`s singles eight years ago needs all the odds standing on his side if he wants to make a successful run in Rio.

Some top players will not be in Rio.

Rafael Nadal will play in the men`s singles and doubles and also the mixed events. In singles, he might have a decent shot judging by some notable absences. Some younger stars like Milos Raonic ( 2016 Wimbledon runner-up), Dominic Thiem ( 2016 Roland Garros semifinalist ) or the unpredictable Nick Kyrgios will not play in Rio. Nadal needs an extra grain of luck with the draw. Some easy to crack nuts in the first stages might be helpful as Nadal suffers from lack of playing. The Spaniard has been kept away from competing since he withdrew from Roland Garros due to a wrist injury. Still, the Olympics are something unique, so every playerno matter what his ranking is will try to put in the very best.

For most of the competitors, the honor of representing their countries at the highest level is the most suitable incentive.

Nadal needs to avoid an unfortunate habit.

Throughout his career, RafaelNadal suffered a lot due to injuries. His knees, tendons, and wrist gave him a great deal to cope with. And after each inactivity period caused by those injuries, he went through difficultmoments on the tennis court.

Now, he will not have the chance of a warm-up event, and that might be a great weight to bear, maybe as heavy as that of being the Spanish flag bearer. No matter how hard the training is, the pressure an official match can produce has an overwhelming effect. Even the greatest players can fall down under these circumstances.

If Nadal can find a way to outrun these issues, he has a decent shot at getting a medal. Maybe it`s not going to be the most shining one, but given his issues, is more like a step forward to the best possible pace.

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