The Philadelphia Eagles haven't had the best luck when it comes to wide receivers this year. First, free agent acquisition Rueben Randle decides htat he would rather not try and keep a roster spot. Then the Eagles signed former Titan Dorial Green-Beckham, who was terrible on all accounts in Tennessee. Return man Josh Huff is actually one of the better wide receivers on the team.But the best players right now are Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor, who have looked solid in the offseason. The other player that the Eagles were hoping would turn into a great deep threat was Chris Givens, who was released by the team today.

Chris Givens

Givens is most well known as a deep threat player who makes only long receptions. The fourth round draft pick has had a few productive years in the NFL. He started with the Rams, where he caught 42 balls for 698 yards and three touchdowns in his rookie year. Since then, his production has declined dramatically. Givenshad more than 500 receiving yards in his second year, but barely eclipsed that total combined in 2014 and 2015. In 2015, the Ravens signed Givens and hoped to see the production that had originally made Givens so dangerous. Instead, they got rid of a player who couldn't make the impact that the Ravens were looking for.

That's pretty abysmal when you realize how shorthanded the Ravens were without star wide receiverSteve Smith. He has also failed to make an impact in the preseason, catching just one ball for 19 yards.

Who makes the roster?

Now that Givens is gone, Eagles fans should have a better idea of who will be on the final roster.

Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor have already secured roster spots. Dorial Green Beckham will almost definitely be given at least a chance. Return man Josh Huff has been a staple for the Eagles since he was drafted in 2014. Huff sees use as a return man and should be safe when the roster is finally trimmed down.

The main question mark comes with Rueben Randle. Randle has shown absolutely nothing in preseason that suggests he should be a NFL receiver. But Givens will likely make a roster spot for him after his departure. It's either him or incumbent Paul Turner, who has proven his worth with 11 catches for 99 yards in three preseason games.

Chris Givens is still a talented wide receiver with a penchant for catching deep balls and he will likely land with another team thatcould use a player with the speed of Givens.

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