Paul Kruger was released this morning by the Cleveland Browns. The former Raven had a whopping 11 sacks in 2014 and was one of the best pieces of the defense back then. But now it looks like the Cleveland Browns are no longer interested with his service. This report comes via Adam Schefter, who let us know about Kruger's release via Twitter.

Kruger's Reaction.

Paul Kruger was not willing to stay silent after the Browns got rid of him.

Instead, he posted the following message on Twitter following his release.

I'm glad to see that he appreciated his opportunity with the Cleveland Browns and it's awesome to see that Kruger has formed a close bond with the city of Cleveland in his time with the Browns. Paul Kruger will likely look back upon his memories with the Browns very fondly. Unfortunately, those memories may be marred by a Browns organization that "mishandled" the situation. Kruger gave no further details, but that doesn't sound like a very happy exit to me.

But Krugershouldn't be too bitter about it and will continue to support his Browns teammates during the regular season.

And Kruger shouldn't have any problem findinganother teamin desperate need of a skilled veteran linebacker.

Browns Youth.

The Browns made the decision to get younger on the defensive line and feel comfortable with the current group of defenders there. Apparently the services of a veteran like Kruger no longer make sense, especially when his production is declining significantly.

Instead, the Browns will rely on the service of some other linebackers like Emmanuel Ogbah and Cam Johnson. The Browns are just hoping that Kruger doesn't go somewhere else and have a monster year, especially if another team in the AFC North signs him.

Who Will Sign Kruger?

Kruger is just 30 years old and is still capable of playing at a high level.

That means the linebacker will have plenty of suitors looking to sign him. The most likely candidate is the Buffalo Bills, who have lost both Shaq Lawson and Reggie Ragland for significant portions of the year. Kruger would give the Bills a solid veteran presence at linebacker and would improve the quality of the current defense immensely. The Bills are the most likely candidate, but there will probably be many other teams looking to sign a veteran who will probably come at a cheap price.

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