With the ATP Tour being put aside for the moment (except for the ATP 250 event in Atlanta) the men`s Tennis elite have gathered in Rio for the Summer Olympics. In the men`s singles, almost all the top players are going to compete for fame and glory. Still, there are two top players who will not play in Rio, namely Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka. For the ATP leader, it might be quite a relief. Wawrinka and Federer are two of the few players who wre able to hold back Djokovic in the past seasons. The Serb will start his Olympic run tomorrow and it`s going to be quite a clash at the very first base.

Djokovic to face del Potro in the opening match

Novak Djokovic, currently in the best pace of his career has a great opportunity to seize the gold medal in men`s singles but the task is anything but easy. In the first round, a difficult opponent will stand on the other side of the net. Juan Martin del Potro is a tennis player that anyone would like to avoid in the first match of a contest of such magnitude.

In 2016, del Potro came back on the ATP Tour after a long period of recovery due to multiple injuries to his wrists. He climbed several hundred spots in the rankings. Still, he is far from what he used to be back in 2009 when he won the US Open by beating Federer in the final. But there are signs of improvements, especially after he left Wawrinka to dry out in Wimbledon 2nd round.

The rivalry between Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro incarnated in the sum of 14 matches. Djokovic won 11 encounters while the Argentine claimed 3 of it. But the last clash between them occurred back in 2013.

The timing seems excellent for Djokovic

In past seasons, the Serb`s reign over the ATP circuit was something of an unprecedented scale.

By winning almost every tournament which he attended, Djokovic seized the ATP Tour for himself almost entirely. Now, at his pick, a success at the Olympics it looks likea natural follow-up. Throughout his career, the Serb made it to the semis at the Olympics on two separate occasions. In 2008 Beijing he won the bronze medal by beating James Blake.

In 2012, as the flag bearer for his country, Djokovic made it to the semis where he was outrun by Andy Murray. In the bronze medal`s clash, he faced Juan Martin del Potro. The Argentine player claimed the victory against Djokovic. In 2016, the equation is a lot more different with Djokovic stealing all the highlights in the men`s tennis.

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