Michael Schumacher`s name has been involved in what seems to be a long grueling media soap opera. Ever since 2013 when he suffered a serious head injury while skiing in the Alps, the former Formula 1 pilot has been a hotspot for every news publication that wanted to cover his progress. Initially, it was the hospital in Grenoble, France where the core of this type of desire manifested - all major media channels were there ready to air every shredof information. But Schumacher`s family chose not to feed up the public with many updates regarding Michael`s health condition. On that basis, many rumors emerged thus creating a state of confusion which is widely spread.

New updates arose

The other day, some new pieces surfaced regarding Michael Schumacher`s recovery process. According to The Telegraph, the ex-Ferrari boss, namely Luca Cordero di Montezemolo has high hopes about Schumacher`s progress. According to his statement, the 47-year-old German is following a treatment that will allow him to outrun the brain trauma he hasbeen through. In 2013, during the skiing incident, the German plunged his head right into a rock. Also, the Telegraph spills more information regarding the current state of fact, highlighting that Schumacher is sitting in a wheelchair. He still has memory issues and the long journey to recovery is still to be done. In order to avoid too much public attention, the 7 times Formula 1 World Champion was moved to Geneva in the second part of 2014.

There he owns a remote property which is ideal for his condition.

Schumacher leaves behind quite a legacy

For the F1 addict fans, the early 2000`s represent something special to talk about. It was the time lapse when Schumacher simply merged his name with this particular sport. As a proof of that fact stand those seven titles with five consecutive successesin a row between 2000 and 2004.

His previous two titles were also acquired in consecutive years, namely 1994 and 1995 seasons. With 2012 season as the last one in which he competed in Formula 1, Michael Schumacher is indeed a role model. He also put his fingerprint on the charity sphere by donating $10 million in 2004 for the victims of the devastating earthquake across the Indian Ocean.

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