The NFL in cooperation with the Professional Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio fumbled the first snap from center for the 2016 season. Tom Brady was nowhere to be seen, so he and the New England Patriots will not have to worry about another frivolous suspension coming his way. The grounds crew used the wrong paint to paint the end zones and midfield logo for the game. The paint turned to a tar like substance basically ruining the playing field.

Some will say the Hall of Fame game had to be cancelled due to concussion like symptoms from the grounds crew. The real losers here were the families that planned vacations around the game and the hall.

Many of these football fans have suffered through vacations to Branson watching yesterday’s superstars from the music world trying to hang on to a career in its twilight.

NFL fumbles the ball

Yes these fans have traded last year’s vacation destination to the choice their wife wanted due to the promise of coming to the hall this year and seeing the game along with some of the game’s greatest players be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Many experts say that winning football is based on taking care of the ball, this time the NFL fumbled the ball so to speak.

Brett Farve gives emotional speech

Possibly the NFL succumbed to the pressure of political correctness concerning itself with domestic violence, drugs, drinking, and partying by taking their eye off the ball.

Deflate-Gate may very well have also distracted the NFL from simply doing what they do best, putting on a good entertainment experience for their fans. On another note, former Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre did give a moving acceptance speech.

Safety First

The decision to cancel the game was made in the interest of player safety, and no blame can be given for that decision.

Safety should come first, but using the wrong paint, Come-On-Man, the NFL is simply better than this at what they do. For a billion dollar industry played by millionaires to have results like this is mind-boggling.

Those fans that were in attendance yesterday should be given full refunds without argument, and the NFL has offered to do so.

In addition they should also be invited back next year as guest of the league itself. Many times this is a once in a lifetime vacation and an innocent mistake by someone should not be the memory these fans were looking to take home.

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