The Bills thought they had some good news when told by an MRI that Reggie Ragland had only a partially torn ACL. Other players, including Kiko Alonso, have been able to come back from such injuries and play in the NFL. Unfortunately, Ragland's injury was more serious than most people initially believed. According to several reports, Ragland will miss the entire 2016 NFL season due to injury.

Second Major Injury For the Bills

The Bills are having some really bad luck this year.

Their first round pick, Shaq Lawson, also required surgery. He will be out until at least the start of October, according to Adam Schefter.

That leaves the Buffalo Bills without their two best picks in the 2016 NFL draft. It's already hard enough to field a team of star players without the injury bug eating through your team. To overcome these difficulties, the Bills will rely on an assortment of replacement players who were assembled to provide an additional boost on defense.


To fill the gaping void at linebacker, the Bills signed Brandon Spikes and David Hawthorne.

Spikes played for the Bills in 2014 when the defense led the league in sacks. The fan favorite is an active member in the Bills Mafia and will have the full support of the legion for the entire season. Hawthorne is a 31-year-old veteran who played for the Saints last season. Hawthorne knows his way around the field and will be an invaluable addition to a Bills defense that desperately needs the depth at linebacker.

Zach Brown Will be Critical

Nobody thought too much about the Bills signing linebacker Zach Brown in the offseason. The former Titans linebacker was signed to provide depth at a position where the Bills needed it. But the selection of Reggie Ragland in the second round made sure that any thoughts about Brown playing a big role disappeared.

Now that Ragland is gone, the Bills are hoping thatBrown can perform well at the position. He's already had an awesome training camp, impressing fans in the process. According to Joe Buscaglia, Brown was a madman in day 9 of training camp, making tons of plays.

Hopefully Brown will continue that play during the regular season so that Ragland isn't missed too much in 2016.

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