Wide receiver Michael Thomas is making big waves at the New Orleans Saintstraining camp. Head coach Sean Peyton is among those highly impressed by the rookie’s abilities.

Celebrating Michael Thomas

Thomas was the Saints' second pick of the draft, after picking up themuch needed defensive end, Sheldon Rankins. The Saints have always been known for a high octane, pass heavy offense.

But last year they released Jimmy Graham after his injuries had seen him faltering on the field. Their other star wide receiver Marques Colston also had the worst year in his ten year NFL career and because of this, the Saints opted to release him after the 2015 season ended.

The Saints are now in dire need of a wide receiver who can be that certain target for Drew Brees. That’s where Michael Thomas comes in. The stand-out rookie has to potential to be that certain target.

Missing big on defense

All this being said, the bigger concern here is that the Saints might be ignoring their biggest problem. While they are certainly adding more firepower to their offense with Thomas, the area where the Saints faltered the most, last year, was their defense, giving up 413.8 yards per games which put them second to last in the league.

Comparing this to their offensive which averaged 403.8 yards per game, making the Saints the second best offensive team in the league. If the team with the second-best offense in the NFL is ranking third of four in their conference, you know the problem is with the defense.

If the Saints want any chance of a challengeto the Carolina Panthers for the NFC South, then they need to decrease the number of yards they are giving up and tighten up their defense.

They need to be paying as much attention to their rookie defensive end Rankins and defensive tackle David Onyemata in addition to their safety Vonn Bell.

Vonn Bell especially has the talent to be a much-needed star on the New Orleans defense, but they need to give him as much attention as they have been giving to his college teammate Thomas to make that happen.

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