The Broncos have a three-person competition for the starting quarterback position. Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian, and Paxton Lynch. So far, the battle has been very close between Mark Sanchez and incumbent Trevor Siemian. But Sanchez probably just took the lead with an incredible opening drive that featured a 32-yard bomb to Demaryius Thomas.

Deep Throw.

Fans can't stop raving about the precise throw that Sanchez was able to deliver under tremendous pressure.

And you wouldn't stop raving about his throw either after you take a look at this awesome video.

The throw capped off a nice drive in which Sanchez was 7 of 8 for 83 yards. It doesn't get much better than that at the quarterback position. If Sanchez keeps this up, he should have no problem winning the quarterback battle against his Bronco counterparts.

The bevy of weapons at his disposal should continue to help him prove that he belongs as a starting quarterback in the NFL.


Clearly, Mark Sanchez has already developed a rapport with speedy deep threat Demaryius Thomas. That's awesome news for a Broncos team that desperately needs some offense to help out their unbelievable defense.

Peyton Manning didn't do much with the weapons last year, but Sanchez is already proving that he can use them effectively. Sanchez also completed three passes to Virgil Green and two passes to Emmanuel Sanders on the drive, both elite players who will help the Broncos quarterbacks reach even greater heights.

How will Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch Respond?

One drive doesn't mean that Mark Sanchez has taken complete control of the quarterback competition. Trevor Siemian will have the entire second quarter to prove that he is worthy of a starting spot in the NFL. To do so, he will have to evade turnovers and lead the Broncos to at least one scoring drive.

He will likely have access to most of the weapons that Mark Sanchez got to utilize in the first quarter. Paxton Lynch will have the entire second half to prove that he is worthy of more consideration. If he does, the Broncos will be forced to give him more chances in the other three preseason games. Mark Sanchez has the lead for now, but things can change quickly.

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