As the days go by, Maria Sharapova is getting closer to find out the verdict on her doping case. The Russian Tennis icon is currently suspended from tennis for a two-year span. When the official verdict of her suspension came, Sharapova did not agree with it and from her point of view, the punishment was over the top. For a tennis player with such high aspirations, a two-year break might be similar to the end of a career. In the past, Sharapova went through various injuries and each time the recovery was a long,grueling process. She did manage to regain her high ranking spotbut in those cases, the inactivity time was not that big.

In its originalform, the verdict will allow Sharapova to return to the WTA Tour on25 January 2018. The two-year span is calculated starting with the 26th January of 2016, the date when she was subjected to the anti-doping test at the Australian Open.

Sharapova`s expectations

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)will rule on the case next month; a decision being expected somewhere around September 19. Initially, the verdict was scheduled for July 18 and Sharapova`s Olympic dreams were still on the table especially after the Russian Tennis Federation put her name on the list for Rio. As it is now known, the court postponed the date, so the Russian tennis player was not allowed to play in Rio.

If the CAS reduce her two-yearban, Sharapova will definitely be able to add up some great results on the WTA Tour.

With every day spent away from the tennis court, her chances for a full cone-back recovery are going down. If she`ll serve the full sentence, then she`ll return to the WTA Tour at nearly 31-years-old making it almost impossible to accomplish something big even with her well-known skills.

Sharapova`s career highlights

Maria made her debut on the WTA Tour when she was only 14-years-old. She got in touch with fame at only 16 years of age when she won the Wimbledon Championship by beating Serena Williams in the final. Among the still active players, Sharapova and Serena Williams are the only ones who won all 4 Grand Slam events.

There is a 10-year gap standing between Sharapova`s first Grand Slam triumph and the last one - 2004 Wimbledon and 2014 Roland Garros. That gives a glance of her consistency on the WTA Tour. Also, she clinched the silver medal at the Olympics in London after she lost the final against Serena Williams. The 29-year-old Russian`s career includes a total of 35 WTA titles and an unprecedented level of worldwide popularity.

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