Swimmer Ryan Lochte was criticized heavily on Twitter yesterday after most people realized that his story was a complete lie. Today, a new report by ABC's Matt Gutman revealed that the American swimmers actually went into a gas station and fought with security.

Twitter has already dubbed the event #LochteGate after Rio finally caught the swimmer in his own lie. But people still aren't sure aboutthe exact details.

What Actually Happened?

Ryan Lochte completely changed his story the second time he was asked about it. This prompted additional questioning that would later lead to the truth. To me, it sounds like the swimmers were so hammered that they had absolutely no idea what happened. Authorities in Rio have also suggested thatthis version of events is true.

All of these events are giving credence to the Brazilian judge who issued a warrant for Lochte's arrest two days after he had already left the country. The other two swimmers who are detainedin Brazil will now have to face the consequences of their actions. Those consequences will likely depend on the confirmed veracity of certain police reports.


Ryan Lochte is one of the best OIympic swimmers on Team USA. He helped his country win a gold medal in the relay and is widely recognized as one of the best swimmers in the world. But that didn't stop people from ripping on the lying swimmer on Twitter. Some have questioned the intelligence of Lochte afterwards.

That's probably a fair assessment for Lochte after you see what he tweeted earlier in the day.

Changing your hair will not make all of this go away.

Lochte is like the girlfriend who just changed her hair to try and forget about the breakup she just went through. The appearance might be different, but the facts on the inside always remain the same. A changed hair color will not deflect attention away from the fact that Lochte lied and made Rio look even worse. And America is enjoying watching Lochte's implosion.

This little stunt could turn into a massive financial loss for Lochte as he loses potential endorsements. But that's what happens when you lie about being robbed at the Olympics.

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