Karlos Williams has been very open after he was released by the Buffalo Bills. The star running back put on weight in the offseason that we would later blame on his pregnant wife. He showed up to camp out of shape, much to the chagrin of head coach Rex Ryan. After training camp, the Bills decided that Karlos wasn't taking Football seriously enough and chose to cut a player who scored seven touchdowns last season. You would expect Williams to be a bit bitter about the actions, but he has been very positive afterwards.

An awesome message

Karlos Williams posted the following statement on Instagramto thank the Buffalo Bills organization for their time.

Williams was appreciative of the opportunity he was given as a running back for the Buffalo Bills. He also gave a heartfelt goodbye to the city of Buffalo, a place that will live on forever in the heart of Williams. And why wouldn't he? Buffalo is an awesome city full of amazing people and the city is quickly growing. Canalside is a perfect example of what the city of Buffalo is capable of making. And it would be hard for anyone to leave a city that is filled with such great things.But it's especially hard to see a player as talented and as mature as Karlos leave a team like the Buffalo Bills.

And this amazing goodbye only made me like the young running back even more.

Other options

The Bills chose to move on from Karlos Williams thanks to a few other running backs on the roster. Starter LeSean McCoy will obviously get a majority of the carries, but Reggie Bush and Jonathan Williams will also get some work.

It will still be hard for the Buffalo Bills to fully replace a player who scored seven touchdowns and ran for more than 500 yards as a backup last season.

And Karlos has other options too. There are plenty of teams in the NFL in need of a running back who is as productive as Karlos Williams. The Steelers have a reported interest and I would be surprised if Williams does not eventually land with another NFL team.

For now, I wish Williams the best of luck in all his future endeavors, even if they aren't with the Buffalo Bills.

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