The Buffalo Bills surprised everybody by releasing Karlos Williams today. The second year running back had a productive rookie season, rushing for more than 500 yards and scoring seven touchdowns. But the Bills chose to cut ties with the talented young back after an offseason that saw Williams gain weight and get suspended prior to the Bills second preseason game.Karlos Williamsshockinglydecided to root for the Bills in spite of his release.

Karlos Williams supports his team

The Buffalo Bills running back had nothing but words of encouragement for his former team.

That tweet came right after LeSean McCoy made an incredible catch in the end zone that you can see here.

I think everybody in the NFL just got a little more scared of what LeSean McCoy can do. And I'm glad to see that there isn't any resentment between McCoy and Williams after Karlos was cut. But McCoy isn't the only person that Williams is looking to support.

Some players would simply go on a tirade against their former team. Instead, Williams thanked the Buffalo Bills and was appreciative of the opportunities that he was afforded as a Buffalo Bill.

It's great to see that his character remained intact even after thelife altering event of being cut by an NFL team. Can you imagine supporting your boss after getting fired? It's pretty hard to do. I'm glad Karlos Williams has chosen to remain a Bills fan for now.

Why was Karlos Williams cut?

According to the Bills organization, Williams was cut purely for performance reasons.

His Football ability had declined significantly after his weight gain and some coaches even thought that Williams no longer cared about the sport.

At one point over the summer, Karlos Williams weighed a whopping 261 pounds.

He was listed at a weight of 229 pounds for the 2015 season. That weight gain combined with a four game suspension led to the release of a running back who was one of the most productive rookies in the NFL last season.


Plenty of NFL teams will be interested in giving Karlos Williams a second chance. He was highly productive as a backup in the Buffalo Bills offense and could potentially lead a NFL offense somewhere else. Karlos Williams can be a starter in this league if he can drop the weight and get in shape. For now, people will just have to admire the running back's maturity after his release.

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