Jose Mourinho did not lose on the pitch until he started losing the dressing room. He made many blunders just to create a fear factor in his players at Real Madrid.

The special one is a good coach, no one will dispute that, but his irrational decisions are making him lose theconfidence of his players, it is practically impossible to fight and isolate your players as a coach, especially superstars that are famous in the dressing room.

Sacrificing the dressing room to create impression

Among the big players that were victims was Iker Casillas, the first team goalkeeper, a native of the city of Madrid and an Academy product of Real Madrid.

Casillas was a symbol of Real Madrid and Captain of Spanish national team.

However, Jose in his usual controversial style benched him and promoted Lopez to the first goalkeeper. Things were not the same with the special one again at the capital city club.

Several burst ups with senior players led to his eventual sack at Real Madrid. It was pathetic that his last season at the club was without a trophy.

Jose is an excellent coach, so Chelsea FC management signed him, a good decision on paper, and Mourinho was expected to deliver second Champions League trophy for Roman Abrahamovic, the billionaire owner of Chelsea.

However, he got it wrong again, falling into same problems as he had at Real Madrid, it seems he does not learn from his past.

He openly criticized team doctor Eva, and singled out individual players for team woeful performances, in less than two years; he lost it all at Chelsea and eventually got the booth.

Jose Mourinho didn't learn from the past

The Portuguese did not learn from his past and had come for criticism over his decision to banish Bastian Schweinsteiger, the veteran German midfielder to train with the reserve team of Manchester United.

Jose Mourinho is barely a month on his new job at Manchester United, his decision to send the German to train with the youth team is seen as an insult by observers.

The Germany 120 cap International player's brother call Mourinho's decision 'no respect' on Twitter, while Dejan Stefanovic, Fifpro board member claims such "clear bullying" may land Jose Mourinho in jail if he were to behave like that in his home country.

Who knows how many more players that Mourinho will sacrifice to create the fear factor he craves at Manchester United is a million dollar question, but you do not need a rocket science to know that Jose Mourinho may not last a season at Manchester United.

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