The Colts couldn't quite win the AFC South title last year thanks to some injuries and a defense that struggled to defend the pass. Today, the Colts picked up a key free agent who will help solidify the secondary. According to Aaron Wilson, the Indianapolis Colts have signed free agent Antonio Cromartie.

The information was further confirmed when Antonio Cromartie posted a Tweet of his own.

Colts injury issues

Injuries at the cornerback position will likely push Cromartie into a starting role.

That's not good news for a veteran who has struggled in his last few years in the NFL. But Vontae Davis' injury could persist into the regular season, making Cromartie a necessity at the cornerback position. The other starting cornerback, Patrick Robinson, has a groin injury. The Colts are further hampered in the secondary by three injuries to other key players.

So it made sense for the Colts to turn to 32-year-old veteran Antonio Cromartie for help. A veteran presence should help stabilize the injury-ravaged secondary a little bit. The Colts are definitely going to need quality cornerbacks out there to cover the likes of Allen Robinson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Allen Hurns.

The Colts aren't the only ones with injury issues.

Cromartie has been dealing with a hip problem, but was able to impress the Colts enough in his workout for them despite it. At this point, the Colts are desperate for cornerback help, so it makes sense for them to take a chance on a guy who used to be one of the best corners in the league.

Cromartie's career

Antonio Cromartie has played for the San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, and Arizona Cardinals in his 10 year career. In that time, Cromartie has made it to four Pro Bowls. When he was on the Jets from 2010-2013, Cromartie was consistently recognized as one of the best players at his position.

Last year, Cromartie ranked among some of the worst cornerbacks in the league. According to Pro Football Focus, Cromartie ranked 103rd in the league at his position.

But the Colts will take what they can get when injuries destroy the entire cornerback position. And who knows? Maybe Cromartie will actually return to his earlier form and become a Pro Bowler again.

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