Pokémon hunting has been the most popular trend since Pokémon GOwas released. The mobile phone app is all about looking for these characters… on the streets! The last accident caused by the game developed by Niantic is starring a youngster from Baltimore, who was driving distracted while playing, without paying attention to the road. The adventure ended when he crashedwitha police patrol car, which was parked there after attending a call at half past three in the morning.

Recorded on Video by the Camera

The accident was recorded on video by the camera that one of the policemen wore on his chest.

In the recording, you can see how the police is joking, chilling around the vehicle, and a few seconds later, the car, which is driven by this young man, approaches without reducing the speed until it collides with the left side of the patrol car

After stopping the vehicle, the police who is recording the whole scene comes over and asks if all car occupants are fine. The wonder is enormous when the driver gets down of the car, holding his mobile phone in the hand with the application running. Then he exclaims "That’s what I get for playing this dumb a** game t! Are you all right? I'm sorry". The police reassured him, saying that no one was in the patrol car.

The lesson is learned.

If you want to go hunting Pokémon, you better do it walking!

This video has reached almost half a millions of views! A lot of different comments have been made on YouTube. Some people praise the conduct of the police as other people joke about deporting everyone who plays this game!

Pokemon Go fever has also reached Iran and some statistics indicate that the Islamic Republic is among one of the regions which the game has been downloaded most times.

But the hunt did not last long.

Iran has just banned Pokémon GO for "security reasons". According to reports from Fararu and Tasnim agency, Iran has become the first country to officially ban Pokémon Go, arguing that the mobile game endangers security.

"Since this game is a mix of virtual and physical games, the application can pose many problems for the country and for the population in terms of security," said Deputy Prosecutor General of Tehran.

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